Thousands of years ago on this beautiful garden planet, before dollars, International Monetary Fund and world banking was ever thought of, there existed thriving, prospering communities of homo sapiens who knew the true value of their fellow members and mother nature who provided abundantly all their needs. They also knew the value of having good clean fun playing in the dirt.

Before every one panics about the possible collapse of the economy, let’s just take a deep breath and look at the time-tested security and strength of community taking care of each other rather than taking advantage of each other. No member who does whatever they can to help, should ever be allowed to suffer want when it is in our power to help them and everyone should have the chance to grow things.

This learning, teaching garden is the classroom for us to reconnect with two survival skills:

1. Growing our own nutritious food

2. The most difficult of all skills to achieve, minimizing our egotistical nature and learning to cooperate for the common good.

Eternal Optimist,
Greg Mattison

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